Search and Rescue Information and Links

Spokane County Emergency Preparedness

An affiliation of volunteer groups formed to coordinate search and rescue activity, and to promote outdoor safety education. Coordinating Agency; Spokane City/County Department of Emergency Management.

Per RCW 38.52.400 The chief law enforcement officer of each political sub-division is responsible for the search and rescue activities. In Spokane County this is primarily the Sheriff’s Department where it has been assigned to the Department of Emergency Management. The Department of Emergency Management has trained coordinators, both volunteer and paid professionals. All SAR deputies have assigned vehicles and respond immediately upon notification. The department has full equipped mobile command post, 4×4 vehicles, boats and snowmobiles at its disposal.

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Contact ISD

If you have a question for the ISD team, please email

If you would like to request the assistance of Intermountain Search Dogs for a search in your area, please contact the SAR Coordinator, Deputy Thad Schultz via email.