Call Outs with ISD

Spokane SAR uses a paging system that will contact you via text when a search occurs. There is also a weekly test of the paging system on Fridays at 1800. If you are not on the paging list, please contact Deputy Thad Schultz to take care of that for you.

Once you are on the paging system, ISD uses a text app called ‘GroupMe‘ to check in and let the team know if/when you are available for the deployment.  Please be sure to check in ASAP, just as you would for a ‘real’ call-out.  NOTE* Please use the email we have on file for you for GroupMe, as it’s the one I’m going to be using to add you.

When you receive a page/text, go to GroupMe and indicate if you’re available, not available, etc. On Fridays for the test page, we are just checking in to make sure the system is working so a ‘received’ is all that is needed.

Download GroupMe

Android – click here
iPhone – click here

Once you have GroupMe installed, you should receive a notification that you have been added to the ISD GROUP.

One more thing, because we use GroupMe for call-outs, please refrain from using it for anything else (ie. chatting, etc.).

If for some reason you aren’t able to get GroupMe installed and into the ISD GROUP –

Please contact: