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Welcome to the ISD Team Area!

To get started, please make sure you are set up to receive call-out pages/texts. You can review that info here.

After that, please take some time and read through the ISD team documents. These items go over the structure and rules of the team. If you have questions, feel free to direct them to one of the board members.


Handler Information


Team Documents


Meeting Minutes

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Maps are listed by location below or you can go to the folder containing ALL maps / directions here>> ALL MAPS

SAR Coordinator – Officer Thad Schultz

Spokane County Sheriff’s Training Center
6011 N. Chase Rd. Newman Lake, WA 99025
(Formerly Mountain View Middle School)

SCSO Training Main Phone #: (509) 477-4793
Training Coordinator: (509) 477-3211

Board of Directors, ISD

Alida King, Chair – email
Robyn Moug, Training Officer – email
Sheri Wohl, Equipment Officer – email
Jon Wiseman, Treasurer / Director at Large – email
Karen Kelly, Secretary – email

Linda Hider, New Member Coordinator – email
Debbi Cunnington, Website – email